Every appointment starts with these first 2 questions

    Stylist: What "vibe" do you wanna send out, is it porn star or tree hugger?

    Client: (laughing) I work in an office/ I have to be conservative/I wanna look younger/ I want something no one else is wearing

    Stylist: How do you dry your hair? Do you air dry, blowdry, flat iron, ect.

    Client: I do...(insert answer here)

    Stylist: The reason I ask is because i'll cut it so YOU can keep doing exactly what you're already doing, but the end result will look totally different. I'll adjust to you.

  • Time and AdjustmentsTHE ANGRY CHAIR WAY

    First things first, the CT salon industry on average books a haircut/style appointment for a time slot of 30 minutes. Also, they book a "color" appointment for a time slot "on average" for 90 minutes, ect. The Angry Chair does not, I repeat, does NOT follow the industry average. We book ALL female haircuts on a average time of 45 minutes(not 30), and all color appointments for an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes(not 90). Now...if god forbid something went less than perfect during one of our clients appointments we have the scheduled time to adjust it. If however the adjustment takes past the allowed time and regrettably cuts into the starting time of your appointment, you may end up waiting. Sorry. That's why we're artists, not hairdressers.


    Ya know what? When putting together this website I had to give the web guy a bunch of "words" and "bullet points." He suggested I look at other salon websites to see what other salons were doing. Ok.... I just spent 3 hours looking at "other salon's websites." You want "words" Mr. Web guy? You want "bullet points" Mr. Web guy? Here they are... There was not one picture I saw that was better than the work we do. There were many pictures that were as good as the work we do, but none better. Then I looked at their price lists. THATS WHEN IT really WENT WRONG... In the end, they were all, yes all, more expensive than us, and I figured out why. It's because every single one of them itemized their services. Which means that if they colored, if they foiled, if they highlighted, if they lowlighted, if they colored in between the foils, they charged you for that. WE DON'T DO THAT. How can you be creative when the tally keeps going up? hitting someone 200 f****** dollars? I don't even WANT the person who pays $200. To add insult to injury, i GUARANTEE that when you sit in their chair, the first thing they say is "so, what are we doing today?" It's not your job to know that. It's OUR job to know that.

  • Get what you pay forPRICING

    There are only a few different prices at the The Angry Chair:

    Women's Haircuts - $55

    Men's Haircuts - $25

    Women's haircut & highlight - $145

    Everything else will range anywhere in between 60-100$

    TRUST us that we will be more than fair when pricing your service.

    The ONLY time your service may be over $145 is if we are stripping your hair or using certain chemical straightening products. Stripping the hair is a long and difficult process to predict. Therefore, that process is hard to price and may exceed 145 dollars in the end.

  • Directionsmap

    Newington, CTaddress

    The Angry Chair
    2551 Berlin Turnpike CT
    Newington, CT 06111
    E-mail: thehouseofmetal@aol.com

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